Sunday Special

I can’t decide if it is embarrassing or endearing that our favourite waitress, Sandra, knows our names, weekly schedules, short life history and breakfast orders off by heart. Needless to say, my best friend and I spend a large portion of our monthly income at this fine establishment and I have yet to be disappointed by the food, friendly staff or fantastically chilled vibe. Vovo Tello is undeniably a firm breakfast favourite. So, this is what 9am on a Sunday morning usually looks like; two cappuccinos, one with a double shot for the real coffee lover and two Eggs Benetello. One with scrambled egg and bacon. The other with poached eggs, bacon and hollandaise sauce. Yes, I have tried other things on the breakfast menu, but in my humble opinion you cannot beat the buttery toasted croissant, crispy bacon and beautifully gooey scrambled egg. And all of this early morning goodness for a mere eighty bucks. Sandra, we’ll see you on Sunday!

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