International Italian

Molto buono! Delizioso! Authentic Italian at its finest. Carluccio’s Kensignton High Street was the perfect pick to eat our way into 2018. Welcomed by a staff wonderful waiters imported from Italy, just like their pancetta, we settled into our cosy table for three. After enjoying some freshly baked focaccia drowned in garlic and olive oil, as all focaccia should be, it was time for the main event. Enter the world class spaghetti carbonara. My oh my. Al dente spaghetti, gooey parmesan, crisp and salty pancetta, crushed black pepper and a sprinkling of flat leaf parsley culminated in one of the best plates of pasta I have ever eaten. I am a firm believer that there is always room for dessert, because dessert doesn’t go to your stomach but straight to your heart. And on that note, Carluccio’s coffee and hazelnut gelato will always have a very special place in mine. A rave review, well deserved, for a little piece of Italy right in the middle of London.

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