High Steaks

Is over-cooking steak a cardinal sin? Yes. Is it wrong to ask for a beautiful piece of fillet to be cooked medium? I don’t think so. If a “medium” steak starts to graze on the onion rings on the side of my plate, can I be slightly outraged? Absolutely. Butcher Boys in Umhlanga has always been a family favourite and I have enjoyed many a great meal there. However, last week, was the exception. I have no problem splashing a bit of cash on a delicious dinner every once in a while, but if I am paying R160 for 200g of steak I think it’s only reasonable that it be cooked to my liking. In fairness, the kitchen fixed the problem relatively quickly and I’m sure they topped up my chips in the process. Negatives aside, my meal was definitely worth the wait and I would be happy to give Butcher Boys a second chance.

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