The new normal

Saturday morning breakfast has become a bit of a tradition in my family. We have a few firm favourites, including Mayfair and The Press Club, and as creatures of habit we don’t tend to stray too far from the norm. Fabrica, a fresh new café has opened its door in the recently revamped Sunningdale Centre. So, with adventurous spirit in tow we set off into the land of the unknown. I was pleasantly surprised by their Eye Opener breakfast. The bacon was just the right amount of crispy, eggs cooked beautifully and not flipped over – thank goodness, a hearty pork sausage, some balsamic glazed tomatoes, a generous helping of fried mushrooms and a piece of golden brown toast, what more could you ask for? And all of this for a mere 49 rand. My dad is pretty difficult to impress, but with his nod of approval, I think Fabrica might just be our new normal.


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