On Trend and in Durban

Armed with my best friend and relentless ambition to taste Durban’s best smoothie bowl we set off in search of Surf Sessions. We waded through mases of surfboards and sunglasses which lined the walls of an unassuming surf shop in the heart of our vibrant city. Much to our surprise we were in the right spot and we placed our order with delight. The “Rio Bowl” in all its fruity glory was absolutely delicious. Filled to the brim with acai berries, bananas, strawberries and coconut shavings, I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful. The whole experience made even sweeter by the fact that this tasty treat works out to be less than 300 calories. So, there you have it. A glowing review of a hip and happening trend. I must admit, my initial thoughts on smoothie bowls were skeptical to say the least, but I can happily say, I am officially a big fan.

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